Urban Adventure: Atlanta, Georgia

All travelers have one thing in common, the destination must be fun or else what’s the point. If you’re also not aware, applying for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) can now be done online. ESTA Visa makes traveling a lot easier. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an excellent urban adventure with a hint of rich traditions and sleek modernity, Atlanta’s charms will certainly fascinate you. Known as the vanguard of the New South, Atlanta continues to preserve its rich history whilst growing drastically in modernity. Frankly saying, Atlanta’s a city that has survived the tests of time over and over again. Most travelers often come back because the more they see of Atlanta, the more they are drawn by its elegance and charm.

Southern culture is simply warm and calm, perhaps it’s the temperate climate that sets the mood but it’s what gives Atlanta a distinct feel of serenity. There are plenty of activities that you can include on your itinerary both indoor and outdoor.

Let’s start with the indoor fun. If you happen to receive a friend’s postcard from Atlanta, you’re more likely to see photos of famous and historical places such as the beautiful mansion of Swan House built in 1928. You’ve probably seen it if you’re a fan of the Hunger Games movie, so make sure to include this fantastic stop on your list.

Atlanta is also home to the great Martin Luther King Jr. and there’s a dedicated site called Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site that you can visit to learn more of his teachings. Another popular person that once walked Atlanta’s streets is Jimmy Carter. Atlanta’s history goes far back though, remember that Atlanta was practically burned to the ground only to rise again. If you’re keenly interested to know more about Atlanta’s rich history, the Atlanta History Center is the perfect place to visit. You will also discover how Atlanta helped changed America.

Perhaps, when darkness envelopes the city it’s best to go out of the confines of your hostel to experience midtown Atlanta’s nightlife. Midtown includes famous places such as the Piedmont Park and the Woodruff Arts Center. Trust me, you won’t have enough time for one so create a carefully laid out plan. Don’t mind the booze and try to soak as much as southern charm as you can, sort of souvenir if you’re drawn to bars and likely stuff. There’s also the Georgia Tech campus, although I’m not sure if you’re looking for some warm bodies, coeds perhaps? Midtown is just perfect if having party is included on your list.

Experience glamour by visiting high end places such as the Buckhead neighborhood which is practically known as the “Beverly Hills of the East Coast.” This basically translates to extravagant shopping, fine dining and feeling absolutely inspired by the eclectic southern elegance.

Culminate your travel plan with Atlanta’s outdoor activities that include hiking and more trekking since Atlanta sports hundreds of parks, nature reserves, and breathtaking gardens. If you’re up for it, you can even run the whole 22-mile loop of interconnected parks starting from Atlanta’s central park, Piedmont Park, all the way to the green Atlanta BeltLine.

The 1996 Summer Olympics was held right at the heart of Atlanta, the Centennial Olympic Park. What makes it interesting is its proximity to the exhilarating Georgia Aquarium filled with Whale Sharks and Stingrays. Afterwards, quest your thirst with Coke right from the World of Coca-Cola.

Perhaps, by now you’ll realize that the more you see of Atlanta, the more you’ll want to come back to have some more fun.