Tutor Private Students in Hong Kong

For tutors out there, developing a personal relationship with a private student in Hong Kong 補習學生 香港 can help build your client base. There are many students out there searching for exam success, but they require additional help to achieve lofty goals. Becoming a successful private tutor depends as much on your students’ abilities as it does your own, and their success becomes your success.
Taking on Students

You may find your schedule packed with exam time approaching, and then having massive gaps in the year when students are less focused on cramming. As a tutor, it is important to help your students focus on their long term goals, and reinforce the idea that long term studying can be more beneficial than last minute cramming. When approached for work by private students during exam time, explain to clients the high demand and suggest that they take a few added sessions a bit earlier than they usually start. Apart from getting paid that little extra, it also helps ensure a student’s success, thereby, affecting your own success. Do not overload yourself with pupils during busy periods. They may want extra help and will be unwilling to let you run off to the next client when they are unsure of something the day before a big exam. A courteous ten minutes extra with one student may leave you thirty minutes late for a session with an unhappy teenager and their parents.

Developing Personal Relationships

It is important that you develop a relationship with your pupil. There’s a possibility that your private pupil is stressed, tired or working towards a complete mental breakdown. Do not underestimate the pressure students in Hong Kong are feeling from their schools, teachers, peers, parents and themselves in trying to obtain that coveted university spot. Try not to add on the pressure by reminding them constantly of why they are studying and the importance of it. Focus on the task for that hour, break it down and let it be the focal point of your time. Ask the pupil at the beginning and end of the session how they are feeling about the topic, and hopefully, by clarifying their understanding you have helped build their confidence in that area. By avoiding judgement a pupil will become more relaxed in your company, and therefore more likely to achieve.


Don’t forget about the parents and teachers

Word of mouth in schools, colleges and universities can be the most beneficial way to acquire private pupils in Hong Kong for tutoring. Parents will communicate their opinions of your with teachers and other pupils, and this can have a far greater impact in someone’s overall decision to hire you than your pupils personal opinion. Earn parents and teachers respect with common courtesies such as showing up on time and providing your own materials.

Tutoring private students in Hong Kong 補習學生 香港 can be an educational experience in itself. Develop your skills as a personal tutor through experience, and adapt and improve along the way. See how your new traits can improve a student’s success by helping private students in Hong Kong.