Top Free Things to Do on the English Riviera

The English Riviera in South Devon’s beautiful bay is a fantastic place for holidays year-round. The region is blessed with stunning coastlines, countryside and everything you could ask for in a seaside holiday. So bring your family out and get ready to explore one of England’s most beautiful areas. Whether you choose to stay in deluxe hotels in Torquay or a beachside bungalow, you’ll always find plenty to see and do here. If you want to stretch your pound as far as possible (as most of us do!), check out these free activities on the English Riviera:

english riviera

Relax on Maidencombe Beach

The English Riviera is filled with gorgeous beaches on which to spend your days, but Maidencombe Beach is especially tranquil and secluded. It’s far from the touristy water parks and attractions so you won’t have to deal with noisy crowds or dirty beaches. Stroll along the marked walking trails and relax on the sand, watching the tide come in and out.

Princess Gardens

Wandering along the seafront in the town of Torquay will take you alongside the marina and through the beautiful Princess Gardens. This lovely promenade is lined by palm trees and flowers, and is a perfect place to relax with a book, listening to the water fountain and simply people-watching. It’s the location for numerous events and festivals throughout the year as well.

South West Coast Path

If you feel like being active for a day, tackle part of England’s longest National Trail, which is 630 miles! You probably won’t finish it all in one day! It stretches 22 miles through the English Riviera though, so walks through here are more than manageable. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the coastline from the cliffs.


Brixham Harbor and Marina

On the English Riviera, it’s really fun to experience the maritime life by hanging out at one of the harbors. Brixham Harbor has one of the biggest fishing fleets in all of the UK, and a lively fish market right at the harbor. You can watch all the boats come and go during the day, bringing their catches to the market. It’s a beautiful place to relax and experience the coast in a lively atmosphere.

Breakwater Beach

Near the mouth of Brixham Harbor is beautiful Breakwater Beach, so combine these two activities for a day. It’s one of the cleanest and safest beaches on the English Riviera. This beach is particularly loved by scuba divers, and it’s a great place to learn because it has some of the warmest and calmest waters.