Top 5 Things to Do Outdoors in Cornwall

If you love being near the sea, then a visit to Cornwall in the far southwest of England could be a great pick. It’s located on a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, so opportunities for water activities abound. There are also many other ways to enjoy the outdoors in Cornwall; here are 5 ways to be active and outside in Cornwall:



Do you dream of exploring a region by sea? Have you ever wanted to live aboard a sailboat? You can see Cornwall in a completely different way and experience it’s maritime culture by spending some time on a sailing holiday. Experience life as part of the guest crew and explore the Cornish coast with experienced guides. You might even be lucky enough to spot dolphins, pilot whales or other marine life playing around in the Atlantic Ocean.



Cornwall is blessed with some of the country’s most gorgeous golf courses, so don’t miss the chance to hit the green and enjoy the outdoors while hitting a few balls. Real golfing enthusiasts may enjoy a holiday at the Trevose Golf & Country Club, which can accommodate 120 guests in its bungalows and chalets. For more casual golfers, take a day trip out to one of the many courses in the area.


If you’re really into enjoying the outdoors, what better way to do it than by camping? Cornwall has got some beautiful campsites with amazing hiking and spectacular scenery. You’ll really feel like you’ve gotten away from it all at the Cornwall Family Campsites. The campsites are family-friendly, with heated toilets and showers, family wet rooms, dishwashing areas and phone charging stations. Or if you prefer a camping experience more out in the wilderness, you can find that here as well.

Wildlife Park

The biggest exotic animal sanctuary in Cornwall is Porfell Wildlife Park, just a few miles from Looe in southeast Cornwall. Here, more than 250 animals from all over the world live and roam where you can view them in their natural habitat. You and your family can get up close with these animals and even touch them, yet it is completely different from a zoo. It’s a fantastic place to experience these animals as they live freely and naturally.


You can stay in quaint little cottages at Lower Dutson Farm and enjoy the amenities of a fishing lake just 300 yards from the cottages. Here you can catch anything from salmon to rainbow and brown trout, carp and perch depending on the season (the lake is stocked with different types of fish at different parts of the year.) It’s a great place to escape the city and enjoy rustic life for awhile.