Tips for Finding Students in Hong Kong

Tutoring is a serious business in Hong Kong, and for good reason. The pressure students are under to make the most of their education can have many families looking for Hong Kong tutoring services. Not every tutor in Hong Kong is going to reach the status of Richard Eng, but it is possible to make a comfortable income tutoring with the right key.

If someone possesses the skills, degree, and experience to be a successful tutor the only thing standing in their way is the lack of students. Finding students in Hong Kong that are in need of tutoring services is not a difficult task. Here are a few tips to get started filling your calendar with sessions.


Spread the Word

A new tutor often doesn’t have the budget to plaster their face and contact information on a billboard. But that should not stop them from spreading the word about the services they offer on a smaller scale. An online portfolio service with a job agency, flyers, business cards, and other forms of local advertising are much more budget friendly to a new Hong Kong tutor.

Search Online

Online services such as findatutor will allow new teachers to post their information for prospective students and their families to see. The added bonus of these services is that when the tutor gains students, they are able to leave feedback and reviews for them.

Present Skills Confidently

Be confident in the skill set that is being promoted, however do not overstate past results or current knowledge.  A word of caution is to never overstate your skills. When a student chooses a tutor based on false advertising, the tutor and the student lose out. The student – because they have paid for services that are non-existent, and the tutor will pay dearly in terms of lost wages caused by a negative reputation.


Price Carefully

A good rule of thumb is to look at what other tutors in the same subject matter charge and charge something on those lines.  Underpricing and overpricing are both bad in there own ways. Such a move may have a negative impact on your reputation. By underpricing tutoring services the tutor loses out on students because they are seen as low quality or cheap. Higher than expected prices for tutoring will have the opposite effect because of the image may be seen as overestimating or over-reaching. In many instances families and students expect to get what they pay for, and if they want to have quality tutoring that increases GPA they must be willing to pay for it. Once you have reviews and a few regular clients, you can increase your rates.

If a tutor knows where to find students to tutor in Hong Kong, nothing can stop him or her. These tips will allow a teacher to jumpstart their private tutoring business and be on the way to a full schedule of eager students in no time.