Living, Working and Playing in the South West





Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and take off to the serene South West countryside where the atmosphere is calm and the natural beauty is welcoming. Visit the quaint villages, explore the spectacular landscape and discover splendid wildlife. The best way to enjoy this fascinating landscape is by a back packing trip, an intimate experience with the countryside.

You can enjoy hiking or biking through the massive country side and enjoy the dramatic landscape from thatched cottages in Cornwall and collapsed stone wall revealing the times gone by. If you want to go deeper, then a horse ride would be more ideal. Camping sites are numerous in this area and all you have to do is choose the right spot.

Working in a farm would also give you an insight on how life in the countryside goes on. You will be in touch with nature as you cuddle the friendly farm animals and the fresh countryside air will add color to your cheeks. This is an especially attractive option for those with young, city kids aching for an outdoor experience.


Family holidays in the South West will definitely be rewarding. South Devon would offer an opportunity for the family to enjoy fine English countryside, discover hidden ancient villages or have fun at the beautiful beaches along the spectacular coastline.

There are several octane amusements parks where the kids can have fun. Afterwards, you can opt to ride in the Dartmouth Steam Railways and explore the regions between Paignton to Kingswear and enjoy stop over’s at towns and villages along the route, taking photos of dolphins and seals the visit the River Dartmouth.

The South West of England is full of crisscrossing paths that lead to places that only existed in your imagination; enjoy a family walk in this tranquil environment where the only traffic you will find is other ramblers and stray cows. The climate is mild, the beauty unspoilt, and the tranquility is soothing.

Let the family stay away from canned foods and take a trip to enjoy fresh farm delicacies in the farmers’ shops or take part in the food festivals where locally sourced produce will go a long way in recharging you travel batteries.


After exploring the region and falling in love with the irresistible country side, well, the best way to keep enjoying the entire serene environment is by buying property there so you could stay longer.

There is a wide variety of property types available for the tasteful traveller. Whether you are looking for small holdings, country homes, farmhouses or barn conversions the choice is all yours. First you need to decide which region appeals most to you, from Cornwall, Devon all the way to Wiltshire. Of course, you will need to secure the necessary funds to buy a property in this area, but there are plenty of residential development loans out there to help you along. Next step is to look for the property that suits your needs. Use local and national agents to help you in finding the best property and also be able to get the best available deals before making the next big step: buying your dream vacation home for you and your family.

You can fly to the UK from all over the world, with a huge variety of companies from British Airways to Qatar Airlines so there’s no reason not to visit. Come and explore this amazing part of the country soon and see one of the most beautiful corners of the world, whether it’s on a short holiday or a long term stay.