Go Exploring Around Munich

On your next holiday to Munich after you’ve seen everything that the city has to offer, why not take some day trips to the surrounding area so that you can capture the flavour of the entire Bavarian region?  You’ll learn so much more about the culture, the natural setting, and the history of such an interesting area of Europe.  You can travel by train or by car if you’re more independent and like to stop when you see something that is significant or strikes your fancy.  Let’s look at some of the day trips that might interest you when you’re using Munich as your home base for exploration and adventure.


  1. Neuschwanstein.  You must see this story-book castle which is a short train ride from Munich.  The castle which was built in 1869 features a gaudy grotto, a throne room, and a lavish hall used by minstrels during the time of King Ludwig II.  You’ll love the giant crown chandelier, the lovely gardens, and the scenic views that surround the castle.
  2. Andechs Brewery and Monastery.  This location is high above Lake Aammersee and offers tours which tell you all about the history of the facility.  On the property you’ll find a church brew pub, a restaurant, a butcher shop, and a distillery.  This is a must-see on your travel agenda.
  3. Dachau.  This was the first concentration camp built in Germany but today serves as a memorial site and an historic exhibit.  You can view the prisoner’s bath area, the crematorium which is an emotional glimpse into history, and the Old Town area where you can find the city centre alive with pubs and shops galore.
  4. Nuremberg.  If you’re visiting during the Christmas season, this is a definite on your itinerary.  Here you’ll find an exceptional Christmas market, the Imperial Castle, old timber-framed buildings, and museums that interest the historian in everyone.
  5. Starnberg Lake.  No matter which season you visit here you’ll find something to do and an activity to occupy your interest.  You’ll have a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alps and in the summer you can stroll round and take in the fresh air and the beauty of nature.  During the winter months you can ice-skate or engage in cross-country skiing to keep your physical fitness up to its optimum level.

Munich has a great deal to offer you on your first visit but if you’re returning for a second or third time, you’ll want to see what you can learn about the locations that are days out from Munich and its central location for exploring.  By using Munich as a base camp for your journey, you can easily see everything that Bavaria has to offer to make your holiday a memorable one.  From castles to museums to concentration camps that remind you of days gone by and the suffering that a population once experienced, the historical value of your holiday will be priceless.

Take the time to go exploring around Munich so that you can truly learn more about the culture and its people.

Image courtesy of:  Wikimedia Commons Mattes