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shopping in barcelona

Some of Europe’s most vibrant and cultural cities are right on our doorstep. We’re lucky we have easy access to fantastic beach resorts, natural sights and of course, the aforementioned plethora of cities, with history, culture, shopping and night-life.

shopping in barcelona

Barcelona is a hugely popular city, thanks to its relatively mild climate all year. Flights over to this massive city are regular and cheap, thanks to low-cost airlines adding it to their schedule. Of course, walking around a city all day can be tiring, and although it’s easy to get around Barcelona thanks to a good metro system and the obligatory tour bus, taking you around the major sights all in one go, it’s always helpful to rest up before you fly. These days, with work pressures and home stress, it’s not always so easy to do that, but one fantastic suggestion is to pre-book one of the airport hotels available at your terminal,I recently used I recently stayed at one of the Gatwick Airport hotels prior to a weekend away in Barcelona, and I felt so much better for it, rested and raring to go, without the tiredness of the previous working week creeping in to my time away.

You’ll be glad of that extra rest once you land in this buzzing, vibrant city, as there’s so much to see and do. Certainly remember your camera for this one, as the architecture, Gaudi of course, is simply stunning. The definite must-visit attraction is of course the cathedral, and it’s hard to miss, rising high above the skyline and dominating your view of Barcelona. Gothic in nature, it really is stunning and one not to be missed. Head to the top of the tower and prepare to have your breath taken away at the views.

A very famous part of the city is Las Ramblas, and here you’ll find a musical, colourful atmosphere, with street entertainers, buzzing markets and lots of quaint shops and welcoming restaurants. This is around the main part of the city, so you’ll find it easy to get to.

This being a city, I’d certainly be wanting some retail therapy from my time away, and there’s no reason to be disappointed! Head to the Ciutat Vella district for shopping malls, or again head to Las Ramblas for the market experience. There are many shops around the city, catering for all budgets, so you’ll find plenty of places to spend your hard-earned Euros.

We’re in Spain, so expect a beach! Sant Sebastia is the popular place to head and again, it’s easy to reach on public transport. The night-life down there is also quite lively, and it’s certainly worth a visit after dark.

Speaking of night-life, Barcelona is blessed with countless wonderful restaurants, so be sure to try some traditional Spanish cuisine whilst you’re in the city. The seafood is of course delicious, and paella has to be tried. Tapas is a great way to try lots of different things all in one go, and if there’s a group of you, it often works out quite cheap. Alternatively, there are many international restaurants around the city.

City breaks are not for rest and relaxation in general, as you’ll be wandering around for the most part of your stay. My suggestion of a night’s pre-rest is certainly a good one, so check out what’s available at your terminal, such as the fantastic range of Heathrow hotels, when taking advantage of the lower flight prices from the capital.

Glamorous, beautiful and varied – Barcelona truly has it all.