Mexico: A Fascinating Destination


Mexico is one of the places that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting in my life. I recently had the pleasure of staying in one of the Mexico beach rentals there and I thought I would take this opportunity to write a bit more about a travel destination that has become very close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading about it. The beaches There are a huge number of choices when it comes to beaches in Mexico and it doesn’t hurt that a huge part of mexico lies on the sea. Mexico is fast becoming a …

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3 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with the Eurostar


Usually I will fly everywhere when I am travelling to another country in Europe, but there is one journey I will ditch the plane and hop on a train. When I take the Eurostar London Paris route I forget all about flying because it is such an easy way to travel to Europe.  I know that it is sometimes nice to fly because you can relax in an airport lounge and browse the duty free, but travelling by Eurostar is so easy and so quick that it beats flying every time. The Eurostar will takeyou to some of the best …

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Go Exploring Around Munich


On your next holiday to Munich after you’ve seen everything that the city has to offer, why not take some day trips to the surrounding area so that you can capture the flavour of the entire Bavarian region?  You’ll learn so much more about the culture, the natural setting, and the history of such an interesting area of Europe.  You can travel by train or by car if you’re more independent and like to stop when you see something that is significant or strikes your fancy.  Let’s look at some of the day trips that might interest you when you’re …

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Barcelona Neighbourhood Guide


When you’re planning a trip, choosing which neighbourhood to stay in can be a daunting task. When your destination is Barcelona and there are seemingly endless interesting, exciting and intriguing neighbourhoods to choose from, the difficulty is only amplified. Read on to discover the upsides and downsides to the most famous districts in Barcelona. Eixample Best suited to: Families and couples. Eixample is safe and quieter than other areas. Highlights: The architecture. Not only is the Sagrada Familia found here, but there is Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Barcelona’s most exclusive street, Paseo de Gràcia, also calls Eixample home. There …

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Fun winter activities in Devon


Most of us think of breaks on the south-coast of England as summer affairs, but I think there’s a lot to be said for heading down to Devon in the winter. You see, there’s a great selection of activities to try and places to visit that’ll mean you can have a brilliant time no matter what the weather’s like. Before I tell you about some of the top things to add to your itinerary, I’d just like to point out that choosing the right accommodation is crucial to the success of a winter holiday. You need to find somewhere nice …

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5 Points to consider when choosing an airport


Sometimes it is very advisable not just to go with the best price flight, it can be very useful to look past the total cost and consider other factors when choosing a flight. The airport is also important when making your choice, if you have a number of airports to choose from then how do you choose the best one for you? Obviously a lot of people will look at the location and how close it is to their home. As mentioned above, people will also consider price. Price is a key factor, but it does not always guarantee you …

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Tips for Travelling Cheaply in England

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England is a country with plenty to see and do, but it’s not necessarily always friendly on the wallet. In fact, England is one of the most expensive countries in Europe- but don’t leave it off your itinerary! Once you’ve taken care of the essential travel preparations like taking care of your passport and travel insurance follow these simple tips to keep your wallet nice and full while travelling in this fascinating and gorgeous country: Pre-book Transportation Online Transportation costs can add up to be the biggest expense on your trip to England. Trains are usually the easiest and fastest …

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet


If you have a beloved pet in the family, chances are you really think of them as “one of the family!” So when you’re planning your holiday, why not include Spike in the action? There are plenty of places which are animal friendly; you can stay in dog friendly cottages in Cornwall, for example. Traveling with pets isn’t as difficult as it might sound. It just takes a bit of good planning and preparation to make sure your little guy is as comfortable as he can be. Here are some tips for traveling with your pet: Get a Vet Check …

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The History Buff’s Guide to London, England

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It’s difficult to imagine a tour of London without wanting to explore the history of a city that has helped to shape so much of the modern world.  When embarking on your cruise to London, be sure to plan a visit to some of the most famous attraction. Founded as a settlement of the Roman Empire over two millennia ago, London is rich with history, and features some remains of its interior walls that are still standing from 200 A.D., before the city was eventually abandoned by the declining Empire. London experienced a rebirth when Alfred the Great conquered the …

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Events in Somerset

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Somerset is Festival County and it really does have one for everyone – from folk festivals to kite festivals to walking festivals, there are many events to choose from this summer and millions of reasons to head to the south west. Somerset – the festival county Somerset is home to one of the most famous music festivals in the world – Glastonbury – and festivals all over the county have taken inspiration from it. For a family-friendly festival experience, head to the Dulverton Folk Festival. It has performances from popular folk groups, song writing and drumming workshops and great dancing …

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