Campervan in the UK

Many people in the UK have embraced the freedom of taking a holiday or even living nomadically in a campervan, and who would blame them?!

Living in a camper van or motorhome is a cheap and convenient way to see lots of locations, especially in your own country. If you are looking to explore in an affordable way and with your own comforts then it is a great option. You may want to consider some comfort insurance for your campervan to make sure your investment is safe.


There are old school VW campers and the latest RVs are for you to explore the wild outdoors of the UK.

Sitting out under the stars or by the sea happily extolled cooking on the fireside and preparing hot drinks is an experience you will never forget. What a sublime drink tea is when made by the side of your van out in the open air.

The features you would look for depend on If I were going to spend a lot of time living in a vehicle or just the occasional weekend. Buying a motorhome is a bit more expensive as these are bigger and more comfortable, but a well converted camper van can be just as good. If you rent a camper your insurance would be included but if you decide to buy one you should consider getting a good quality comfort insurance plan for your vehicle.

Having a high top where you can walk around is good for stretching legs and an essential consideration if you plan on living in your campervan. Typical VW layouts, with the seating across the van is not good for living in a van, and is really only meant for weekend use.

Toilets are easy to empty with occasional visits to campsites, but showers require a lot of water to be carried. You can get shower bags for compact use but most people will stop at one of Englands many fantastic camp sites to have a shower.


Expenses can be kept to a minimum with free camping and stocking up on supplies at supermarkets. Cooking from a camper can be fun when everyone pitches in.

The Top 3 UK destinations to visit in a camper are:


The campsite at Three Cliffs offers panoramic views of the Gower coastline and a wonderful seaside location.



A small campsite in the Duddon Valley  in the beautiful Lake District which has basic facilities but some of the best hiking in the UK.


Located at the head of the Solway Firth this panoramic area overlooks the Irish Sea and is a hot spot for holidaymakers in summertime.

There are many other places to visit throughout the UK but these are some of my favourite.  Get out and start exploring, while knowing your contents are safe with a quality  insurance plan.