5 Points to consider when choosing an airport

Sometimes it is very advisable not just to go with the best price flight, it can be very useful to look past the total cost and consider other factors when choosing a flight. The airport is also important when making your choice, if you have a number of airports to choose from then how do you choose the best one for you? Obviously a lot of people will look at the location and how close it is to their home. As mentioned above, people will also consider price. Price is a key factor, but it does not always guarantee you a smooth journey. If you do not plan a head before booking your flight then the initial joy at booking a cheap ticket will soon evaporate . Here are other points to consider when booking:

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 1. Distance and traffic

Even though an airport may seem close to your home, the motorways that you have to use to get there could mean that you will be sitting in traffic for a while. No one wants to be sat in a traffic jam when rushing for their flight.

2. Parking availability

You need to find an airport with reasonable parking fees. You may think you are saving money when booking, but you won’t be saving if the fees of parking are high.

3. Public transport

Of course, not everyone is going to drive to the airport. If you are one of those people then you need to check for travel times and cost.

4. Toll roads?

If the quickest way to the airport in your car is on a toll road, then you need to add that to the cost of your ticket to give you a realistic idea of what you’ll be spending.

5. Airport hotels

Using an airport hotel is always advisable if you want to have the most relaxing start to your holiday. If you need a hotel then do your research, Gatwick Airport Hotels are always of a good standard. But, the standard and the price might not be guaranteed at other airports. Check what is on offer before you book your flight. There might not be availability with in your price range, if you have to spend more than anticipated your once cheap ticket now becomes very expensive. Major airports like Gatwick have a variety of hotels on offer, there is something for every traveller there.