3 Reasons Why I Love Travelling with the Eurostar

Usually I will fly everywhere when I am travelling to another country in Europe, but there is one journey I will ditch the plane and hop on a train. When I take the Eurostar London Paris route I forget all about flying because it is such an easy way to travel to Europe.  I know that it is sometimes nice to fly because you can relax in an airport lounge and browse the duty free, but travelling by Eurostar is so easy and so quick that it beats flying every time. The Eurostar will takeyou to some of the best cities in Europe; Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam and Zurich. Here are 3 of my favourite things about the Eurostar.

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It’s a quick way to travel

If you ask anyone why they love the Eurostar then the most common answer will be because it is quick, very quick! You will be able to reach Paris in two hours. The plane journey is quicker, but then you have to factor in the check-in process, immigration and security. Whilst all of these exist with the Eurostar it is so much quicker than at the airport – perfect!

It’s easy to get to the station

Forget having to travel to the outskirts of London and getting stuck in traffic trying to reach Heathrow, Stanstead or Gatwick. Kings Cross St Pancras station is very easy to get to indeed. It is located in the center of London and is very easy to get to. You can expect the same when you arrive at your destination because the stations are all centrally located. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to pay for expensive taxis or have to travel for a long tie to reach your hotel.

No waiting for security or check in

Of course all of the necessary checks have to be carried out, but the staff on the ground at the train stations are so quick and efficient at their job that you will be on the train in no time. The other good thing is that it is all done with a smile and is a very pleasant experience indeed.

For information about travelling to other destinations after you arrive in Paris take a look at TGV a great site that will give you all of the information and tickets that you need.